HeathenWare exists to provide apparel and other goods that reflect and promote an alternative, grace-focused view of Christianity and the life of faith to challenge the legalistic, often judgmental view found in contemporary mainstream, fundamentalist Christianity.

1. To bring together believers and non-believers to discuss faith

2. To highlight the creative side of faith and link God's creativity to man's ability to create (being made in God's image).

3. To cut through the "morality police" image of the contemporary church and spread the message that God's grace overcomes the need for anyone to work so hard to earn divine approval.

4. To knock overly pious and pharisaical believers back down to equal footing with all other undeserving sinners.

5. To confront the lie that Christianity is about living a rated-G lifestyle.

6. To genuinely offer invitations for those who need grace.

7. To boldly offend those who need to be offended.

8. To do so in a loving manner that Christ would support.

9. To do so through the outlet of top-quality apparel and other goods.

10. To do so in such as way as to achieve profitability and remain profitable without disregarding any vision goals.

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Sean Taylor,
Creative Director




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