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Icon art by Erik Burnham

elcome to the Taylorverse, the official website of writer, editor and indy recording artist Sean Taylor.

Sean Taylor: n. husband, father, friend, writer, comic book creator/editor/letterer, coffee nut/former barista, cat/dog parent, musician/songwriter, web designer, diabetic, self-professed postmodern existentialist christian mystic, vanity incarnate; 
v. to possess entirely too much self-confidence

Whether you know me as a writer, editor, publisher, letterer, graphic designer, songwriter, musician, friend, cohort, oblivious bystander, or in any other capacity, you're welcome to spend as much time here as you like and get to know all the other sides of me you may not know yet.

So take your time, look around, and have fun. And be sure to bookmark the site and come back often. I'll be here (metaphorically) waiting.


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